What Social Media do you use?


Tell us which social media platforms you are still actively using and why.


Instagram is the only one I have yet to escape from. I enjoy seeing pictures from my friends, but I know deep down I probably would be better off without it.


I am the same. I know I spend too much time on it, but I would say Instagram seems the least harmful to me because I don’t follow any “influencers”.


Agreed. Following influencer type people can be a black hole.


No social media here. Had Facebook but no longer use it.


I wish I had never started instagram! Maybe I’ll try getting rid of it soon!


Reddit is by far the worst for me… Trying to give up mindlessly browsing at home unless I’m looking for something specific or it’s a smaller subreddit that isn’t filled with useless posts.


Oh yes reddit. I can go through 10 pages without thinking about it.


Yeah, I need to get off Reddit. Even with the app deleted on my phone, I still browse it on safari.
By FAR my biggest time suck that is adding very little positive to my life.


I have Facebook and instagram, but log in only every few months. I should probably just delete them at this point. But every once and a while find them useful.