Too much time on the smartphone


my biggest challenge right now is how much time I spend on my smartphone.

it’s my go-to whenever I’m bored. mostly browsing news sites, reddit, or email.

i know I could just leave it in the other room, but I’m always worried that I will miss an important call.


I can definitely relate. As I’m in sales for my profession, being attached to my phone comes naturally

Few things that I do:

  • When I leave my phone in the other room, I am sure to keep the ringer on. Or if I know I might be getting a call/text, I’ll leave the phone on a surface in the same room as me.
  • I use Apple’s new “Screen Time” settings, to limit how much time I spend on certain apps (Safari for instance).
  • I’ve turned off all notification except for calls and texts. No app can force it’s way into my attention anymore.


I have been using the screen time functionally as well. I have also set time limits on certain categories of apps to keep myself in check when I am slipping.


Yes to screen time!



Removing all of the apps I don’t need made a large impact on my smartphone use.