Simple Living "Problems"


For a more light-hearted topic, what are the “problems” that simple living has created for you?

Here are a few of my own:

  • Have too much storage space in my kitchen
  • Don’t know what TV Shows / Movies people are talking about
  • Hard to find or suggest gifts I actually want to own


I like this topic!

  • I can’t take advantage of sales that some of my favorite stores are having, because I know I don’t need anything at the moment.

  • FANCY coffee drinks no longer interest me, and are actually kinda gross tasting.


Hi Sarahb, I love that one about the sales. It takes a lot of willpower.

There’s also the catch 22 of paying for streaming channels and apps that don’t give you advertising. I wont pay, so I get the ads. Sometimes I get distracted by them and then I say out loud, “nearly…they nearly got me”

Willpower is key, but then I wouldn’t swap my simple life for all the half price sofas in the world. :blush:


Ha! That is an excellent way to look at it. Do I want a great deal on this sofa, or a live a lifestyle that makes me happy?


Not buying clothes I don’t need when there on sale is exactly what I was thinking!


My problems:
. I can’t relate to coworkers talking about their credit balances, points, what have you.
. My 10 year old car is fine, but people give me crap about it.
. Same as posters above, I can’t take advantage of sales because I don’t need anything.