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About Yourself
I’m a “millennial” guy living in the midwest of the USA. I’m married with one daughter, and another on the way. I work in business development for a digital marketing company. I like a good wine, wearing Birkenstocks, and hanging out with fun people.

Why Simple Living
I came to simple living through two different paths.

The first was to help overcome anxiety that I was having. Reading and implementing mindfulness practices was what brought me to approaching a more sustainable mindset.

The second was the financial route. Entering the adult world during the start of the Great Recession, I saw how many people were struggling, in part due to their overconsumption and lack of savings to help them weather the storm. This led me to learn more about financial independence and how to be more financially responsible.



I searched out simple living to help reduce stress in my life.
The majority of my stress comes from finances, and trying to find a balance from saving money and enjoy the money I make as well.
More recently I’ve started to make more money. As a I bought more things, I realized that I was not any happier.


I’m a guy in my late 20s. I have a girlfriend that I’ve been with for about 5 years now. We live a pretty simple life, mostly what you’d expect from people our age.

I am attracted to a simple lifestyle as I don’t see the benefits of the race for more. Many of my friends make more money than me, have more stuff, but don’t seem any happier.